Attraction 2: Invasion (2020) may just be the first alien takeover film where I do not recognize the monuments being

ATTRACTION 2 is invading DVD stands with Russian-born science-fiction
by Adrienne Reese July 3, 2020

Gillis takes us inside one of the weirdest and most gruesome bed and breakfasts ever with his new release House

HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS brings the trash back into horror house cinema
by Adrienne Reese June 22, 2020

Director Margaret Malandruccolo’s femme fatale witch flick, Coven (2020), is a hard-rocked backed movie that centers around witchcraft, loss, and

COVEN casts a spell to lure basic witches
by Adrienne Reese June 19, 2020

Written and Directed by Christopher Wells, The Luring is a solid indie horror that draws inspiration from other classic horror

THE LURING pulls you into an exploration of childhood trauma
by Adrienne Reese June 17, 2020

Now this is how to do horror on a Spirit Halloween store budget! WrestleMassacre is a backyard wrestling lover's dream

WRESTLEMASSACRE creates a bloody mash up horror with backyard wrestling
by Adrienne Reese June 16, 2020

Puzzle Box Horror presents Atlas of Lore, a new graphic novel/magazine series featuring tales of hauntings and the supernatural from specific

ATLAS OF LORE #1: OREGON Available for Pre-order!
by Kyle Holl June 16, 2020
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