Hey kid, want to see a guy in a helmet shotgun marijuana to an alien and other such shenanigans? Then

Sci-fi stoner comedy Alien Addiction is out of this world absurd
by Adrienne Reese September 23, 2020

One of the most successful live-action video game film franchises of all time gets an upgrade when the RESIDENT EVIL 4K

The Entire RESIDENT EVIL Collection: Now in 4K Ultra HD
by Remy Cashman August 20, 2020

One of the most powerful psychological films ever made, the director's cut of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM will arrive on

REQUIEM FOR A DREAM Director's Cut Arriving on 4K Ultra HD
by Remy Cashman August 18, 2020

Though I prefer that a movie drop hints throughout the film, like breadcrumbs, to which the audience can say 'ah-ha'

Escape: Puzzle of Fear descends into world of revenge with no way out
by Adrienne Reese August 18, 2020

If you love slasher films then you may be in for a treat with Padraig Reynolds' 2018 horror movie Open

OPEN 24 HOURS gives I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes
by Adrienne Reese August 11, 2020

Arrow Video is giving the 4K treatment to cult classics this month kicking things off with Pitch Black and Flash

Pitch Black and Flash Gordon Getting 4K Releases From Arrow
by Norman Gidney August 3, 2020
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