Skin Walker takes about as long to get to the action as I imagine the filmmakers took to find an

Skin Walker--An Exciting but Frustratingly Paced Family Drama
by Brian Tull September 25, 2020

These 20 pound creatures with orange teeth and webbed feet, also known as “nutria” or “coypu,” were originally imported to

Rodents of Unusual Size an interesting, informative, and forlorn swamp rat documentary.
by Adem Cohen September 23, 2020

Hey kid, want to see a guy in a helmet shotgun marijuana to an alien and other such shenanigans? Then

Sci-fi stoner comedy Alien Addiction is out of this world absurd
by Adrienne Reese September 23, 2020

All Roads to Pearla is a thriller with a lot of promise. It has great characters, a perfectly dreary setting,

All Roads to Pearla is Dark but Took a Wrong Turn
by Lindsey Ungerman September 22, 2020

This quick bite centers on a young woman who receives a mysterious package one evening plainly and ominously marked with

Do Not Open--A few minutes of mild chills and foolish choices.
by Adem Cohen September 22, 2020

New urban legends are born in writer/director/producer Leon Q's horror anthology Make It A Scary One (2020). Though most of

New horror anthology MAKE IT A SCARY ONE unleashes terror on popular YouTubers
by Adrienne Reese September 21, 2020


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