Knott’s Scary Farm Drops Mic, Wins Halloween
Knott’s Scary Farm kicked off their 45th Halloween Haunt event on Thursday, September 21st, welcoming Halloween, horror, and theme park fans alike. Running blindly into the thick fog at the birthplace of the theme park haunt, expectations were high that this year would be a benchmark of quality for such... Read more
Knott’s Scary Farm Announcement Event 2017 Video Coverage
What a night. Knott’s brought an early preview of delightful Halloween goodness with their annual Announcement Event Thursday, August 31st at an after-hours event at the park. The cavernous, 1500 seat “Ghoultime Theatre” (the Halloween moniker of the parks Charles M. Schultz Theatre) held an audience of passholders, press, and... Read more
Grab your Haunt Tickets to the HorrorBuzz VIP Events Now!
It’s August folks and you know what that means. It’s time to start searching for the very best haunt tickets and deals to your favorite haunts in California. Look no further. HorrorBuzz has your solution right here with four packages that will get you the most bang for your... Read more
Knott’s Scary Farm Celebrates 45 Years of Haunting at Midsummer Scream
Gather ’round, kiddies, and let me spin you a tale of the Dark Ages of Halloween, a time when there were no theme parks doing any Halloween events whatsoever, a time when the scare options (a local church basement haunted house, or the Campus Life group, or that neighborly... Read more
Knott’s Scary Farm Presents at Midsummer Scream
The lights dim, the suspenseful music swells, and creepy monsters begin skulking down the aisles of the Terrace Theater, stalking their unsuspecting prey. Don’t panic–it’s just Knott’s Scary Farm kicking off the season with a peek into their 2017 goodie bag. The first thing they showed was the newest... Read more
Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker 2017 #1, Park Pics and Haunt News
OMG OMG OMG! It’s time! Yes, it’s time to begin tracking the macabre machinations churning to life at Knott’s Berry Farm in preparation for the most awesome time of year! Welcome one and all to the first Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker of 2017. Of course, things begin slow... Read more
45 Years of Knott’s Scary Farm at Midsummer Scream
45 years ago, Knott’s Berry Farm created a one-of-a-kind event that other industry leaders were skeptical about: Knott’s Scary Farm’s Halloween Haunt. It was a full-on, totally immersive haunted theme park experience, and that first single weekend  event sold out quickly. And then the next year sold out. And... Read more
The First Annual Golden Pumpkin Awards
Halloween has come and gone. (We pause for a moment of silence.) With that, we look back at the best and brightest of our Halloween season with the announcement of our first annual Golden Pumpkin Awards. This listing of winners is what we feel are the biggest highlights of the haunt season in Southern California. This... Read more
Into the Fog, The Scare Zones of Knott’s Scary Farm
The original theme park haunt, Knott’s Scary Farm, is nearing the end of what is certainly one of their very best years to date. Over the years, the level of quality in the mazes, the attention to detail, the tactic of the scares and the talent of the actors... Read more
Master of Haunt Design: Brooke Adair Walters
Let me get this out of the way first: Brooke Adair Walters has designed some of my favorite haunt mazes in the last few years. Talented and twisted, Walters has innovated and astounded me since I moved out to California, long before I even knew who she was. She... Read more