ALONE Goes Down Under This Season
I have excellent news for fans of ALONE; they are doing a show in October.  I have bad news for US fans of ALONE; the show is going to be in Australia. Yes, you read that correctly…everyone’s favorite existential haunting is heading down under for a night of evocation... Read more
Why I Loved ALONE’s Rite of the Anthropocene
This weekend, I was able to cap off the Halloween season with my favorite immersive experience, as they took me deeper into the darkness with their armless hugs. Of course, I loved every moment of it, but from the ripples out there in the Internet-land, it seems that not... Read more
ALONE: The Rite of the Anthropocene Tickets on Sale
One of the reasons I love ALONE so much is that they are constantly re-inventing themselves. From their traditional “move you in the dark” events to city-wide scavenger hunts to more, they like to branch out and try something new. This Halloween season is no different, as their October... Read more
Masterminds of Interactive Horror Speak Out
ScareLA gathered some of the greatest minds behind our favorite interactive, immersive experiences to talk a little bit about what they do this weekend. First up was Jon Braver from Delusion. When asked what he wanted people to feel when they leave his shows, he said he wants them... Read more
ALONE Switched My Body at ScareLA and I Liked It
Last weekend, at Midsummer Scream, I allowed ALONEinc. to drink from my face as I took a journey of self-discovery and reflection while walking around the Long Beach Convention Center, during the first part of their two part storyline made of the summer Halloween convention. This weekend, I was... Read more
ALONEinc drinksfromyourface at Midsummer Scream
After hours spent in a hot, sweaty convention center, with thousands of haunt fans, it was nice to find myself walking around Rainbow Lagoon Park, with the ocean breeze cooling me off, and the sweet, sweet sounds of ALONE in my ears. As most ALONE events, their offering at... Read more
After weeks of research, I finally set up a time to meet with my contact within the ranks of ALONE inc., Maybe Smith. After friending me on Facebook weeks ago, she began to send me cryptic messages, alluding to ALONE inc.’s true intentions, and promising me the answers I... Read more
Human Testing, LSD, and ACHELAND: The Secrets of ALONE inc.
Before I begin, I need you to remind yourself of something. You are not a triangle. You are a human being. Do not forget that. Avid readers of HorrorBuzz know that I’ve been a fan of Alone: an existential haunting from the very first time I came across them... Read more
ALONE: Absorption – A Review of the Final Index
Absorption (noun): An assimilating or incorporating or receiving something from the outside. When there is a change in medium and one substance takes on another; the emitted transmission is thus changed. Light is wholly absorbed. It’s been a long journey, but we have finally reached the end of unweaving... Read more
Top 13 Most Anticipated Haunts For October
Now that October has officially started and the air is finally cooling off, I think it’s about time to start going to Halloween haunts (or continue going if you start mid-September like me). Everyone knows about the big theme park events like Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm,... Read more