The Speakeasy Society Reflects Back On Five Years
As all great partnerships do, the story of The Speakeasy Society began in a bathroom. However, this wasn’t just any ordinary bathroom. This one, of course, was inhabited by three witches; witches who had a story to tell, double double, toil and trouble… But, I am getting a bit... Read more
REVIEW: A Calm Before the Storm in Speakeasy Society’s Kansas Collection Chapter 4 – The Invitation
After months of searching, The Scarecrow King finally has Dorothy Gale in his clutches. All is right in Oz, and the Emerald City is in an unprecedented time of peace…or so we think. The storm is on the horizon…can you see it? Last Thursday, I attended Chapter Four of... Read more
Speakeasy’s The Johnny Cycle: Part III – The Living Is An Emotional Journey Through Johnny’s Mind
Don’t let go, Johnny. Those words echoed in my head quite a bit on Saturday evening. This mantra, chanted not only by my inner monologue, but also by several people I encountered, even haunted my dreams. Don’t. Let. Go. This past weekend, I attended Speakeasy Society’s The Johnny Cycle:... Read more
THE DOOR Opens Up the Land of Oz Further in the Latest from The Speakeasy Society
Do you believe in destiny? Or perhaps, inevitable consequences? I invite you to ponder these ideas, as I did before entering The Door. Last night, I was presented with an opportunity to open The Door that would lead me to The Speakeasy Society’s third chapter of their Kansas Collection. As... Read more
Speakeasy Society Concludes THE JOHNNY CYCLE This May with Part III: The Living
For the past three years, the Speakeasy Society has taken audiences on a journey through the life of an injured soldier, as his perception of what is real and what isn’t has slowly slipped away. Now, they are bringing us the conclusion of this epic story with The Johnny... Read more
Speakeasy Society’s THE AXE is a Tour De Force of Emotion
Last night, I walked out of The Speakeasy Society’s latest show furious. It had been awhile since I had since The Kansas Collection’s first chapter, The Key, and weeks since I was rained out of being able to see the second chapter, The Axe. But last night, we were... Read more
Speakeasy Society Invites You To Open THE DOOR Into The Kansas Collection This April
We have been thrilled by the Speakeasy Society’s taken on The Wizard of OZ so far in their Kansas Collection series. We are excited that more people can experience it in the coming weeks with remounts of the first two chapters. Today, they announced tickets for Chapter 3, The... Read more
The Speakeasy Society Remounting The Kansas Collection’s First Two Chapters
Have you seen the storm coming to Kansas? No? Well, don’t worry, because it’s coming back again. The Kansas Collection, a continuation of what happens after The Wizard of Oz ends, is coming back yet again. Chapter 1, The Key, has already been shown twice, but will return on... Read more
Speakeasy Society’s THE KEY Brings You Into the Land of Oz
Are you tired of living your life, hanging onto threads? Trying to scrape enough just to get by, and provide for you and your loved ones? But most importantly…have you ever wanted to visit another world? The Speakeasy Society has the perfect escape for you…one that may just lead... Read more