Delusion VR Production Begins Today

Delusion VR Production Begins Today

Over the weekend, devoted Delusion fans got a treat to their inboxes, as the Delusion Team sent out an update about their recently announced virtual reality production of LIES WITHIN.

Principal photography begins TODAY, March 27, and we couldn’t be more excited. We know that it was going to be a series of sorts, but seeing the addendum of “Season One” in their press release already makes us salivate at the thought of it extending beyond one season. We can only hope…

Anyway, Delusion: Lies Within will be based on the 2014 interactive play by Jon Braver and Peter Cameron.

From their release:
The tale of the missing fantasy horror novelist Elena Fitzgerald will unfold in an epic and cinematic adventure like no other. The live-action VR narrative will keep to the Delusion tradition by incorporating hauntingly beautiful set design, an original score, top actors and stunt people, alternate paths, as well as practical creature effects all from the best in the business.

You will forget your world… and be swallowed into ours. Once again.

Oh yeah. We are SO in for this.

For more updates as they come in, be sure to check out their website at:


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