Indie Horror Short Road Trash Delivers Teaser

We were just sent a new teaser trailer for a cool new horror short. Road Trash is an indie horror short in the works by first-time director/writer/producer Natasha Pascetta. What makes this project more and music interesting is that the “Final Girl” herself, Heather Langenkamp, narrates this twisted fairytale. What’s the story?

Insignificant. Worthless. Disgusting. These are adjectives that may come to mind when you see a dead animal on the side of the road. And that’s ok. That doesn’t make you a bad person; that makes you a rational person. That also makes you very different from Alice.

Alice is addicted to burying road kill.

Addiction is a brutal disease. It guarantees to ravage you. It influences all of your decisions. It skews your perception of reality. It ruins your relationships with the people you love. It puts your life at risk.  For Alice, her addiction fulfills all of these tragic promises in the short film, “Road Trash.”


The short will also be the debut of film composer James Malone. The creative force behind acclaimed death metal band Arsis, Malone will provide a haunting score inspired by Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, and classic metal. Lifelong horror fans, they decided to turn their love of the genre into something tangible that could combine their talents.

Road Trash is currently in post-production and will make the film festival cycle later this year. Enjoy the trailer!



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