Exploring The Depths of Little Nightmares’ First DLC
A few months ago, we here at HorrorBuzz reviewed the game Little Nightmares. It was a fun game, but one with a lot of flaws. To be honest, I completely forgot about Little Nightmares in the following months. I play a lot of these games, so these things happen... Read more
Dissecting the Death Tales Beta
Death Tales is a strange little curiosity hidden away on the PlayStation Store. It’s a game which clearly has a lot of style, but it is also still in open beta. For those who are not familiar, this basically means it’s an early version of the game which they... Read more
Cracking The Silver Case and Finding A Killer
This column has discussed Japanese video game developer Suda51 in the past, but let’s start with a quick recap. He is known for creating incredibly strange (or “quirky” if you’re feeling generous) video games that tend to be incredibly divisive. None of his games have been particularly commercially successful... Read more
Little Nightmares Stumbles Toward Brilliance
Amazon had been recommending “Little Nightmares” to me for months before I finally just bit the bullet and ordered it. The Amazon description told me next to nothing about the product, and I had heard absolutely zero word of mouth hype about the game. Still, I kept checking the... Read more
Don’t Let Let It Die Pass You By
SUDA51 is a rather polarizing figure in the world of video games. His games are not generally commercially successful. However, they do tend to develop strong cult followings. His games are incredibly strange (surreal according to his fans, bordering on nonsensical according to his detractors). I have not played... Read more
Bloodborne Is A Bloody Good Time
I’ve been a fan of the “Souls” series of video games since the first one, “Demon’s Souls” was released. So when I first heard that they were releasing a sister project, “Bloodborne,” that was going to take the familiar gameplay and put it into a gothic horror setting I... Read more
Until Dawn: Playing a Horror Movie
Have you ever watched a horror movie and yelled at the woman for tripping over a tree root? Or how about the dumb jock who investigates a mysterious sound right after two of his friends have been killed? Do you wish the protagonist leave the dumb blonde behind and save herself?... Read more