Knott’s Scary Farm Announcement Event 2017 Video Coverage

Knott’s Scary Farm Announcement Event 2017 Video Coverage

What a night. Knott’s brought an early preview of delightful Halloween goodness with their annual Announcement Event Thursday, August 31st at an after-hours event at the park. The cavernous, 1500 seat “Ghoultime Theatre” (the Halloween moniker of the parks Charles M. Schultz Theatre) held an audience of passholders, press, and invited guests eager to hear what would be in store for them when Knott’s Scary Farm opened its creaky gates on Thursday September 21st!

As the house filled, we were treated to slithering monsters, fog, and a live feed of social media on the screen. While waiting for the show to begin, members of social  media could post and see their pics and musings appear in real-time up on the screen before them.  Nice touch.

Soon enough the lights dimmed and an electricity filled the air. Thunder struck and the show began. Beams of chromatic light shot into the audience where monsters stood on mark, slowly coming to life and making their way to the stage. A silhouette of a lawman with a shotgun took center stage among the creepy creatures and pulled the trigger. BOOM! The lights rose on the PT Barnum of Haunts, Jeff Tucker, our Master of “scare-a-monies” for the evening. 

The presentation was pretty much a full on production hosted by the , Jeff Tucker. Now we have the entire presentation for you here, now, in glorious 4k! A very special thanks to videographers Ken Toghia and Glen Fenrich for their work on shooting the video and putting it together.

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The presentation was followed by a fascinating Q&A session with the creative monsters behind the 45th year of Knott’s Scary Farm.

After the presentation we were given a chance to chat, one-on-one with each of these geniuses. We got some interesting stuff here. Did you know that there WILL be live actors in the Halloween Hootenanny Log Ride overlay at night? Did you know that the Elvira show actually has a name? Did you know Rick West likes beer? Yes it’s all here for you.

Interview with Jeff Tucker

Interview with Gus Krueger

Rick West at any given Press Event

Interview with John Cooke


We still have more video to share with you too. We are cooking an interview with Daniel Miller right now where he gives us even more detail on the new Pumpkin Eater maze. Then we also have some AWESOME VR footage we are hoping to share with you soon. Keep checking social media to know when we update this article with more Knott’s Scary Farm video goodness.

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