Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker 2017 #5 BIG VIDEO FINALE

Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt Tracker 2017 #5 BIG VIDEO FINALE

This is it The last Haunt Tracker update of 2017 before the opening of Knott’s Scary Farm on Thursday, September 21st. Today we have something special planned for you. Yes we have pictures for you. But this week we cap off out coverage of Haunt construction and progress with a full Haunt Tracker video just for you.

The mazes have been announced, the scare zones proclaimed, and we await the arrival of scary decorations. The interesting thing about Knott’s is that they take great pains to keep the day show for guests separated from the night show for Haunt. I have to admit that I do miss the days that I grew up in, where the park was simply scary for the entire month of October, with no attention paid to any sort of transition. Yet, there is a certain respectable showmanship in flipping the park at night into something terrifying for the braver patrons. But i digress.

Today we finally see the scary decorations creeping slowly out into the park Scare Zones like Ghost Town Streets, Carnevil, and Dia De Los Muertos have all begun themeing.  It appears though that The Hollow hasn’t been touched yet.

The mazes are all locked and loaded, ready to terrify backstage. Dark Ride is set to wow guests with a new concept that is tied to the scare zone it resides in. The same can be said for Pumpkin Eater in The Hollow with its gourd-centric scares.

Let’s stroll through the farm, and look at the park decor rolling out. Also, this is the last weekend to buy tickets to the one and only HorrorBuzz Passport to Fear event at Knott’s Scary Farm on Saturday September 23rd. This event lasts from 2pm-2am and gives haunt fans a backstage tour of the inner workings of Haunt and a lights on tour of the mazes with the creators of the scares. After that we get a full Boo-Fet dinner, prizes, music, fun, and THEN we head into the park with front of the line access to all mazes and rides.  This is an all-inclusive ticket that is unlike anything out there and worth every penny.




Enjoy the video version of today’s Haunt Tracker article.

Random Shots

Despite getting scary, the park is still beautiful. 

Catawampus is back and he has a KID!


Spooky Decor 

Holding out to the last minute, park decor is finally rolling out the scary stuff. Ahhh It’s good to be back home.



Things are getting clowny over in Boardwalk.


Dia De Los Muertos

Lastly we roll through Fiesta Village to see the scary stuff that has been put up.




The Hanging: Fake Noose!


So it looks like whoever they hang, they will have a big neck.


This will be Elvira’s last show at Knott’s Scary Farm so you need to get out there and see her.


Returning Mazes

Here is the line up of returning mazes direct from the Knott’s Facebook page.

Special Ops: Infected


Red Barn

The Red Barn will be back and, apparently very scary this year with real life chainsaws.



Paranormal Inc. 



Not officially announced as of this posting, it is almost a sure bet that Voodoo will be returning too as we can see the facade has not changed.




Last year HorrorBuzz voted Shadowlands as the best maze of the year and we were stoked when Knott’s announced its return. This moody, atmospheric walkthrough took an original concept and dialed it to 11 with Samarai, swords, and the afterlife. Can’t wait to return.


The Tooth Fairy

Daniel Miller’s disturbing Tooth Fairy maze is back for another round of extracting screams from guests.


New Mazes


Trick Or Treat: Lights Out

Early reports from those lucky enough to have gone and taken a peek at this revamp of the crowd favorite are calling it, “Terrifying”. Simply can’t wait to see this classic grow some claws and really come for us.



Dark Ride

Pumpkin Eater




No changes here as all of the scarezones from 2016 are back. No real complaints here as two of them are classics, and two are strongly suited for their environments.


There you go folks! It was a pleasure to keep you up-to-date on haunt news and track the build up to the best time of the year. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter and Instagram too and keep up on all things Scary Farm.

See you in the fog!

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