Uncork’d Entertainment Presents THE TERRIBLE TWO on VOD March 6

Parenting is a tough job, every parent knows this but Albert and Rose Poe are about to find out the true horrors of parenting. The Terrible Two will be premiering on VOD March 6 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Albert and Rose Poe bought their dream house seven years ago in Greenfield, NC.  They had no idea of the unspeakable horrors that took place in the house before they moved in.  If they had known, then their children, Addi and Jade would still be alive.  Instead, the Poes now find themselves imprisoned in the house they thought was their safe place, and battling their two daughters for survival.

Starring in this supernatural frightfest is Donny Boaz  (“Dallas”, 13 Sins)  and Cari Moskow (“One Tree Hill”, Butchered) as well as co-stars Reid Doyle (“Six”) and Devin McGee (“One Tree Hill”, Max Steel).  Follow Albert and Rose Poe March 6 as they try to save themselves as well as their children from the unspeakable horror that have befallen their home.

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Rosalia likes to spend her nights watching Netflix or reading a good book. Her interest for horror came from a very young age. Her mother nurtured this obsession and she thanks her for it. She also thanks the film IT for her dislike for clowns. She is currently finishing her Bachelor Degree in Cinema and Television Arts and hopes to be behind the camera shooting the next big thriller.

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