PREACHER’s Episode 11 Opens a Few “Backdoors”
A disturbing image: a hand-made wooden coffin is being dragged up from the depths of a swamp.  The lid is drilled off and, surprisingly, there is a young boy inside. Alive.  He is dragged and and shoved to the ground, where he kneels in front of an older woman.... Read more
AHS Cult Episode 2 Review and Recap
We open with Ally springing out of bed in terror as she finds a clown sleeping with her. She and her wife go back to inspect, nothing there. Their son Ozzy wakes up and turn his nightlife on. Twisty is in his room, he climbs under the bed, the... Read more
Only one team is brave enough to answer the call of the Great Cosmic Algorithm and defend Earth against the Evil Overlordess Rutina in “Mystic Cosmic Patrol,” a Super Sentai Tokusatsu parody which debuted August 24 on Funny Or Die. The Mystic Cosmic Patrol adventure continues in the season’s second episode, “Potty Mouth-... Read more
American Horror Story Cult Brandishes Paranoia in Season Opener
Using the 2016 US election as a starting point, Cult focuses on two opposing characters enslaved to fears real and imagined. Our seventh season of American Horror Story begins, as Ryan Murphy promised, on election night 2016. Michigan; Two households are glued to their flat screen TVs. In one,... Read more
PREACHER Reveals a “Dirty Little Secret” in Episode 10
When last we saw Jesse, Starr had walked up to him in a bar and introduced himself.  Before we can continue with that scene, however, we must travel back in time about two millennia, where we see a young man making passionate and sensual love to a woman who,... Read more
PREACHER Finds a Missing “Puzzle Piece” in Episode 9
Herr Starr’s office gets a thorough cleaning, but the stack of folders on his desk (with Jesse’s conspicuously on top) remains. Speaking of Jesse, he’s being tortured by memories of watching his father get shot in the head and killed, something he’s blamed himself for in the past. Good... Read more
PREACHER Finds a Few “Holes” in Episode 8
Poor Eugene, still stuck in hell, where every nicety shown to another inmate is punished severely by the butch and bullish Superintendent Mannering, who just threw someone into “the hole” for picking up her dropped pen cap. Eugene tries to look tough for the ever-present surveillance camera. 1946: Cassidy,... Read more
PREACHER Episode 7 Makes a “Pig” of Itself
VIETNAM: in a jungle hut, a husband and wife are spending a nice evening home when the wife spots something outside the window. She begins screaming. Herr Starr arrives to find locals and tourists alike gathered around the hut, speaking in hushed tones and taking pictures. He comes closer... Read more
PREACHER Episode 6 Goes Full “Sokosha”
In a middle class home, an Asian technician is explaining a procedure to a middle-aged couple.  They discuss an amount of money in exchange for only 15% of…something.  The husband agrees, signs the contract, and gets a needle/scope inserted behind his knee. A tiny portion of what turns out to... Read more
PREACHER Flashes Back to Dallas
Ready for episode 5 of season 2? Jesse has just discovered that Viktor is Tulip’s husband, so he does what any fine, upstanding young man would do: drags Viktor down to the torture chamber, straps him into a harness hanging from the ceiling, and kicks Tulip out of the... Read more