When I first bought an Oculus Quest, I was amazed by the reality put in my head by THE LAWNMOWER

Virtual Immersive Experience THE UNDER PRESENTS: TEMPEST Coming To Oculus This Week!
by Jeff Heimbuch July 6, 2020

With cabin fever setting in, but COVID cases still on the rise, folks of the world (and the SoCal area)

ROAD TRIP MYSTERIES Offers Immersive Fun From Your Car In The SoCal Area
by Jeff Heimbuch June 20, 2020

The sound of my ringtone pierced the silence of what was supposed to be a typical, calm Wednesday night. I

REMOTE - A Review of Haunted Hills Estates Screampark and Shock Theater's Online Immersive Experience
by Linnea Swanson May 27, 2020

An immersive experience is an intimate and personal one for the people who go to them. Being part of the

WHERE THE OTHERS ARE: Thoughts On The Immersive Experience Turned Short Film
by Jeff Heimbuch May 22, 2020

Elisabeth Stranathan has been making her mark on immersive theatre for years now, getting her start with the fabled progenitor

444 TEMPUS FUGIT Probes The Expanses Of The Unknown [REVIEW]
by Brian Tull May 21, 2020

Before all this craziness happened, Los Angeles was a town booming with immersive theater business. Unfortunately, COVID-19 cut short a

Immersive Hit WHERE THE OTHERS ARE Comes To Your Home With Filmed Experience
by Jeff Heimbuch May 18, 2020

Theme Park Haunts


March 13th, 2020|

Ready for haunt season? Universal Orlando’s special “Buy an Event Night, Get a Second Night Free” offer is now available for the highly-anticipated 30th year of HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS, running select nights September 10 through [...]

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WHERE THE OTHERS ARE Is Out Of This World Good

March 10th, 2020|Comments Off on WHERE THE OTHERS ARE Is Out Of This World Good

The cicadas are singing tonight. And why shouldn’t they? Though it’s a little chilly, it’s a gorgeous night. But something seems amiss…the Airstream sitting before my companion and I rocks gently in the night. Through [...]

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