The HorrorBuzz Top 10 Horror Films of 2016
With the year winding down, the good folks behind this esteemed publication have once again reached out and asked me if I’d be willing to pop by and do a guest column offering my opinion on the best horror films 2016 had to offer. I’m not entirely sure why... Read more
CarousHELL is a Deliriously, Campy, Bloody, Bonkers Flick
Filmmaker Steve Rudzinski delivers Caroushell, a deliriously absurd, laugh-out-loud gorefest about a killer carousel horse unicorn. That’s all that you need to know. Preorder the film at One day, Duke (Voiced by Steve Rimpici), the carousel unicorn reaches his breaking point. After years of faithful service as a figure on... Read more
CarousHELL Confuses us With its Trailer, Yet We Can’t Look Away!
From the WTF files comes a brand new trailer for a film called CarousHELL. This just landed in our lap this afternoon and all that we can say is, “Huh?” Following in the tracks of the absurdist horror film Rubber, which gave life, and malicious intent, to an intimate... Read more