Tortured Souls at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is Remarkable
It would come as no surprise that we are fans of horror. So when Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre opens a new immersive piece of work that promises to dive into a nightmarish realm we are on it like hump on granny. Explained in painfully vague terms, their new show... Read more
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Presents Tortured Souls
Our favorite avant garde theatre has again turned itself to the darker nature of things with an all-new immersive horror theatre spectacular. TORTURED SOULS will have Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group diving into the darkest nightmares of lost souls drowning within their blackened catacombs of terror and bewilderment, traversing... Read more
HYENAS: AN AMERICAN FARCE coming to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre
There’s a new show coming to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre that promises to have us howling.      HYENAS: AN AMERICAN FARCE Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group proudly presents David Dickens’ high-octane, world-premiere surreal-absurdist comedy about a clever and ambitious creator at a television-laugh-factory, whose ultimate triumphs succumb to... Read more
Theatre Composer for Urban Death Christopher Reiner Gives Live Concert
Theatre Composer for Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre’s infamous URBAN DEATH shows to perform live in 3 special performances.  Christopher Reiner is a local legend. The celebrated music composer has been called an “Invaluable composer” by the LA Times and a “Master Lyricist” by Backstage West. Fans of Zombie Joe’s... Read more
Blood Alley Xmas To Deliver Very Scary Christmas from Zombie Joe’s
You guys.  I know that we are already bristling at the smell of peppermint and the hint of garland in Target but stick with me.  For you see, our dear Zombie Joe has us all taken care of as we face the imminent finale of our Halloween Season. Ladies, gentlemen, freaks of... Read more
HEX is coming to North Hollywood to Bewitch You
Starting this weekend in North Hollywood is a brand new show called HEX from True Focus Theater & Cabaret Le Fey. During the show, you will be welcomed into the world of black magic, witchcraft, and demons. You will summon monsters and resist temptations through the ages. They dare... Read more
Brave The Dark at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre a Waking Nightmare
It’s not Halloween season yet, but I think I just went through a really creepy haunted house. Well, it’s not exactly a haunted house. But it certainly isn’t your typical play either. Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood’s latest original production, “Brave The Dark,” sends guest wandering through... Read more
Zombie Joe Announces One Of Us
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group and Shine On Collective proudly present the world premiere of Anna Mavromati’s dark, carnivalesque theatre-spectacular, about the growing sparks of resentment within a colorful clan of performers that ignite their freak-show into flames of rebellion!  Directed by Marlee Delia and Anna Mavromati, Produced by... Read more
Brave the Dark coming to Zombie Joes Underground Theatre
When Zombie Joe and his motley ensemble of performers dare to do something new we are eager to see what they have for us. The upcoming production, entitled Brave The Dark promises to be a surreal journey into the further recesses of a darkened imagination. Zombie Joe’s Underground’s all-new... Read more
Zombie Joes Audition Notice, Brave The Dark
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is one of our very favorite places to catch live performance. There is an audition coming up for a very special show that could be your chance to join this elite troupe. The award-winning avant-garde ZJU Theatre Group is casting for “BRAVE THE DARK”. This... Read more