Cosplay Chaos at San Diego Comic Con

Cosplay Chaos at San Diego Comic Con

It is the last day of Comic Con in San Diego and while we are exhausted, our muscles are aching, our bones creaking, every fiber in our body compels us to revel in every last minute of nerdy fandom to our last breath. Comic Con is the mecca for expressing your passions and geekery. One of the most noteworthy ways is through cosplay. This is where Comic Con absolutely slays every other convention.

We offer you a pictorial this morning, of some of the most awesome looks we have seen thus far.







We will be wrapping up our comic Con coverage throughout today and tomorrow. Please stay tuned for our coverage of The Warner Bros Panel, Annabelle and It, Ghost Wars, and how Jason Momoa had a run in with a chair.

Stay Tuned!




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  1. JeffLee July 24, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Strongbad! Everybody to the limit!
    Great post!

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