With COVID still in full swing, Halloween events and immersive experiences had to get creative this year. Which is great,

REVIEW: Bring The Thrill Of Intruder Escape Home With Their New App
by Jeff Heimbuch October 26, 2020

I sat across the table from my friend who was one of a few people in my strict social bubble

REVIEW: Immerse Yourself In Audio Productions From DARKFIELD RADIO
by Linnea Swanson October 20, 2020

In 2020, fear as entertainment is a difficult proposition. In a time when the ideas of empathy and regard for

In Another Room the Podcast: E3W Moves the Ghosts From Their House to Yours
by Chris Wollman October 12, 2020

For the last five years, Los Angeles has been blessed by the presence of CREEP, a favorite Halloween-time immersive experience,

Surprise! JFI Production’s CREEP Returns To Los Angeles For Some Social Distanced Halloween Fun With INSIDE
by Jeff Heimbuch October 5, 2020

“Hello! How are you enjoying the neighborhood?” inquired the very polite lady manning the table I was instructed to pick

REVIEW: Shine On Collective's WELCOME HOME Is The Perfect At-Home Quarantine Immersive Experience
by Linnea Swanson September 15, 2020

Killer toys can be creepy. To name a few: the ventriloquist dummy in Dead of Night (1945), the Zuni doll

Devil's Junction: Handy Dandy's Revenge—A Disappointing Chiller
by Sean Woodard August 26, 2020
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