Hunt A Killer Delivers Great Story and True Crime To Your Doorstep

Hunt A Killer Delivers Great Story and True Crime To Your Doorstep

If you’re a visitor to this site, chances are, you’re a big fan of immersive stuff. Especially living in the Los Angeles area, there are TONS of things you do to get thrown head first into a story, and live in that world for a bit. But what about at home? Who wouldn’t want a story to come to them, and allow it to live inside your living room, let alone your head, for months on end? I know I would.

And that is where Hunt A Killer comes in.

I mean, we all love mysteries, don’t we? So having one mailed to you, month after month, telling an incredible story pretty much sounds like a dream come true. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hunt A Killer is the latest in a long line of monthly subscription boxes. But instead of a random assortment of crap you have to find a place for or decide whether or not you want to keep, Hunt A Killer sends you carefully curated items that all tell one, massive story.

As you saw a few days ago in the unboxing video, I received my first box, and was blown away by it. Basically, the story is that you receive this ‘care package’ from a new pen pal who may or may not be incarcerated in prison and/or in a mental hospital. Enclosed with his letter (which was sealed in an envelope, but opened so someone could make sure there is nothing dangerous in it) are a few items that may seem random at first, but instead, begin your journey into a mystery that you won’t soon forget.

Of course, being as how this is a month-to-month thing, you won’t find a story neatly wrapped up with tidy endings in just the first box alone. Instead, this first box just opens the door to a larger world, where YOU become the detective.


What I REALLY like about this first box is that it is basically built for people like me; those who spend hours obsessively researching the smallest detail, and really trying to piece it all together. To that end, the very first item I saw when I opened the box was a small, branded notebook, where I could collect all my thoughts in one place, and really act out my crazy, obsessive true crime fantasy. Though it’s a small detail, it’s one that helps a lot and is a nice touch.

When I first opened the box, I thought I would spend an hour or so going through it, and be done with it. But no, I have spent the better part of my weekend obsessively reading and re-reading things, searching online, solving ciphers, finding hidden websites, and so much more. I fell into this deep rabbit hole with my new friend, and got lost within it. I am anxiously awaiting the NEXT box, so I can find out even more behind this story.

Though it only launched a few short months ago, the community behind Hunt A Killer is already thriving. There is an incredibly active Facebook group (run by the creators) for people to discuss, and even an unofficial message board where you can dive even deeper. These are my types of people, really diving deep into this first mystery, and talking it out with others to help get to the bottom of it.

I can absolutely say that Hunt A Killer is a solid investment for fans of immersive stories and true crime. It’s a ton of fun, and the folks behind it really have a winner here. Membership is $30 a month for a month-to-month membership, $27.50 a month for six months if you prepay, or $25 a month if you buy 12 months up front.

However, if you use the coupon code BUZZ, you’ll get 10% off your order! However, you need to sign up soon, as they only have limited boxes every month, so head on over to their site today.

Trust me, if you’re on this site and reading this, Hunt A Killer is right up your alley. You are going to love it.

For more information, and to order your own, visit

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