Jaremy Aiello Joining HorrorBuzz at Midsummer Scream
EMMY-AWARD WINNING MAKEUP DESIGNER, JAREMY AIELLO JOINING HORRORBUZZ AT MIDSUMMER SCREAM To celebrate one year of fear on the net, HorrorBuzz is proud to announce that Emmy Award Winning Make-up Designer Jaremy Aiello will be astounding guests to the HorrorBuzz booth during Midsummer Scream. Aiello, who’s incredible repertoire includes... Read more
Happy Birthday HorrorBuzz as we Reach One Year of Fear
It was one year ago today that a new site was born and the landscape of scares was forever changed. HorrorBuzz was launched on July 1st, 2015 with the aim of offering fans of the horror genre a new, unique place to embrace all things spooky. This was to... Read more
Brave the Dark coming to Zombie Joes Underground Theatre
When Zombie Joe and his motley ensemble of performers dare to do something new we are eager to see what they have for us. The upcoming production, entitled Brave The Dark promises to be a surreal journey into the further recesses of a darkened imagination. Zombie Joe’s Underground’s all-new... Read more
Ves Corp Looks Toward A Bright Future
In the Los Angeles area, the term “immersive theater” is often associated with something horror-related. While the bulk of immersive experiences do tend to lean on scaring the hell out of guests, there are a handful out there that are branching off into other genres, giving us a taste... Read more
Ghoulmaster Opens Gallery to Midsummer Scream
The master of the macabre, the grand guignol of ghouls, the purveyor of the perverse, Ghoulmaster, will be at Midsummer Scream this July. Ghoulmaster and co-host Chuck will step outside the Playhouse and broadcast their new show LIVE from the Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival. Step into “Ghoulmaster’s Gallery” a... Read more
ScareLA Announces a Killer Lineup of Films
From over 2100 submissions and 20 countries, ScareLA has selected the 75 best for its Scare Screenings film Program. From award-winning documentaries to shorts and cult classics, convention attendees will have plenty of options for fulfilling their cinematic cravings. A few highlights from the upcoming event include: The Blackout... Read more
Hall Of Shadows Coming To Midsummer Scream
Are You Brave Enough to Venture into the “Dark Zone” on the Show Floor at Midsummer Scream? One of the most exciting and unique components of Midsummer Scream – California’s premier Halloween, haunt and horror festival – will be its Hall of Shadows dark zone, featuring roaming monsters, entertainment, and 9... Read more
The Fun House Will Bend Your Brain
You are locked in a room, and you have 60 minutes to find a way out. Circus music plays (and plays and plays) as your friends search the room for clues or keys or secret messages that will then lead you to other clues or keys or secret messages,... Read more
Great Horror Campout is Great Fun!
I don’t like camping. Sure, fresh air and the great outdoors are fine, but sleeping in a cramped tent in a loud forest with millions of bugs for a few nights just isn’t my jam. Which makes it all the more surprising that I loved The Great Horror Campout,... Read more
Dystopia: From the Twisted Mind Behind McKamey Manor
McKamey Manor is something of a legend among haunt enthusiasts. The original and still perhaps the most extreme, this icon of the California haunt scene has been pushing buttons and raising eyebrows for years while the rest of the industry has grown and generally established a safe middle ground... Read more