Krampus Escape Room Chills And Thrills
Christmas is a special time of year, filled with festive carols, delicious foods, delightful presents, peace on earth and goodwill towards men. Unless you are locked in the new Krampus Room at Countdown Escape Games, wherein your evening will be filled with fiendishly twisted puzzles, cryptic clues, and a... Read more
Blackout 2016 Teaser Video Released
Ladies and gentlemen, Blackout is back for 2016.  They are back and they mean business.  Fresh from a critically successful kick starter show produced during the 2016 Sundance Festival, the aggressive, avant-garde, immersive horror experience has just dropped a teaser for their 2016 shows.  Turn out the lights, put on the... Read more
Universal Orlando Resort Announces Hotel Packages for Halloween Horror Nights
According to Universal Orlando Resort… “IT’S NEVER TOO SOON TO START PANICKING…” We tend to agree. Universal Orlando Resort is home to one of the nations best haunt events in the world.  Their reputation has grown over the past 25 years as the biggest, most intense fear event on... Read more
Sinister Pointe Shows its Horns with “The Hunt for Krampus”…And That’s a Good Thing
Christmas of 2015 seemed to be the Christmas of Krampus. The furor in the horror community surrounding Michael Dougherty’s film release seemed to have spread throughout Southern California. A Krampus Art Walk featured several (often quite detailed) Krampuses (if that’s the plural? Maybe Krampi?) stalking through Los Angeles, and... Read more
Human Testing, LSD, and ACHELAND: The Secrets of ALONE inc.
Before I begin, I need you to remind yourself of something. You are not a triangle. You are a human being. Do not forget that. Avid readers of HorrorBuzz know that I’ve been a fan of Alone: an existential haunting from the very first time I came across them... Read more
The Virus is the Next Generation of Escape Rooms
It’s not every day you get to save the world. But, that is exactly what happened when I visited Get The F Out’s next generation escape room, The Virus. Given 60 minutes, my team and I were whisked to a secret underground base where we had to create a... Read more
The Haunted House That Changed My Life
Almost four years ago I clicked “purchase” on the computer screen, not knowing what was in store for me. I rolled this decision around in my head for a few days afterwards, watching the time disappear, mapping out my route to the location, making sure to tell a friend... Read more
Parturition – An Effective Piece of Immersive Theatre
During the 2015 Halloween season, a little boutique haunted experience called Fear is What We Learned Here made a splash on the Southern California horror scene.  Made up of a few talented folks from Blackout Haunted House, this new attraction was big on mystery, light on detail, and knew... Read more
Experience the Beauty Of Your Birth in the Wonderfully Alluring Parturition
All of us were present at our birth, but how much of it do you actually remember? Chances are, you don’t recall a thing about it. No matter what age you are reading this review at, it is so far removed from your consciousness that you probably can’t even... Read more
52 Weeks of Halloween: Week 2 Funny Frighteners Stand-Up
I’ve got this philosophy when it comes to haunted attractions, specifically performances- You can’t scare everyone, so sometimes its good to make ’em laugh!  It turns out, there are other scareactors who are funny too! (Or, as in my case, think they are!) Funny Frighteners is a stand up... Read more